P.E.A.C.E Development Initiative

Policy Initiative

What are the NPA Canada Policy Initiatives?

NPA Canada primarily delivers programs and solutions that shall assist individuals, families in the African Canadian and Canadian community.

Policy Initiative

The Policy Committee shall invite at least 15 to 17 leaders of the leading African Canadian and Canadian organizations, community stakeholders and public officials from across Canada, to sit at its NPA Canada roundtable, to identify, assess and discuss policies that are most important to individuals, families, organizations, groups and businesses in the African Canadian and Canadian Community.  The Policy Committee shall create and initiate programs and projects that shall directly address and create effective change(s) and resolve that shall improve the lives of African Canadian and Canadian individuals and families across Canada.

The Policy Committee shall primarily focus on Domestic policy issues, those concerning Healthcare, Education, Racism & Discrimination, Employment and Unemployment, Housing, Immigration, Citizenship and Deportation issues, Criminal issues, Correctional Service and Prison issues, Social Wellbeing and Benefit issues, National Daycare issues, Media and Social Media Issues, Health and Medical issue, Gun Control, Violence and Drug and Legal issues to generally name a few