Why join our NPA Global Network!

Because much work has already been done; in addition NPA United States has extended itself to us to assist us in this next stage of our collective development.

NPA United States has the expertise, experience and goodwill that will allow us some of the catch up time we so sorely need. They are in fact extending themselves to us in the same way that we often remark that members of other communities seek out and help their own kind. It is finally, finally, finally happening for us, and we choose to not look a gift-horse in the mouth. We foresee no disadvantages; conversely, we are fortunate that our Canadian leaders will be assisted by:

Experienced politicians and public servants of various levels, to whom we will all have access and who are willing and able to assist.

Being linked with substantial business partners, sponsors and donors into networking opportunities that were previously beyond our reach.

Practical business, political and organizational skill sets and expertise at various levels.