National Policy Alliance Canada

Leading African Canadians and Organizations

Over 40 Years of Service in North America, representing 43,000,000 people.

The National Policy Alliance (NPA) is composed of the major organizations representing black public officials from federal, state, and local levels of government throughout the country, as well as the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the nation’s pre-eminent think tank focused on issues of particular concern to the African American community.

NPA Canada

Our mission extends into the communities that we serve.

National Policy Alliance Canada Foundation is a Canadian national organization, promoting and facilitating unity and collaboration amongst African Canadians and Canadian organizations, public officials, community leaders, public servants and the citizens they serve nationally and internationally, resolving issues of primary importance to African Canadian and Canadians across Canada.

NPA Canada shall provide mentorship and support services for young individuals, fathers and families.

NPA Canada shall Introduce software for the operation and creation of various Canada databases to act as a system of insight promoting cooperation amongst African Canadians and organizations.

We resolve important issues, policies, and priorities.

Our mission is to work in unity and collaboration, improving the lives of all individuals and families in the African Canadian community. Join us as we strengthen our voice and invest wisely in our community.

P.E.A.C.E Development Initiative

NPA Canada primarily delivers programmes and solutions that shall assist individuals and families in the African Canadian and Canadian community.

We are a sister organization to National Policy Alliance (NPA) in the United States that represents over 40 million people, with approximately $1.1 trillion in spending power that has united with National Policy Alliance Canada and its African Canadian community to immediately work in unity and collaboration. We intend to begin to re-direct their $1.1 trillion in spending back into our North American, African American and African Canadian communities.   It is the intention of the NPA in the United States to unite and collaborate with an international group of NPA organizations globally.  Their first sister organization is National Policy Alliance Canada.

While we recognize that there are some differences between us, our African American brothers and sisters, and among people of African and African heritage, we also recognize that our future is inextricably intertwined with that of Africans and people of African heritage globally, socially, economically, and politically.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to to begin, and in some cases, to continue to collaborate on pushing certain ideas and activities into being, for ourselves and for our children.

NPA Canada

The Only NPA Organization or Chapter of NPA USA that Exists and Operates Outside of The United States.

How we describe National Policy Alliance Canada

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