National Policy Alliance Canada


P.E.A.C.E Development Initiative

NPA Canada primarily delivers programs and solutions that shall assist individuals, families in the African Canadian and Canadian community.

Policy Initiative

The Policy Committee shall create and initiate programs and projects that shall directly address and create effective change(s) and resolve that shall improve the lives of African Canadian and Canadian individuals and families across Canada.

Education Initiative

The Education Committee shall assess, create and deliver community targeted educational programs and projects that shall focus on three levels of Educational Initiatives or activities that shall interrelate, operate, overlap and be expected to be implemented at different levels into our Canadian School systems.

Advocacy Initiative

The Advocacy Committee shall focus on advocacy issues, policies, solutions and resolves that are important to people in the African Canadian and Canadian community.

Community Development Initiative

The Community Committee shall immediately encourage individuals, families, businesses and our leading African Canadian and Canadian organizations to continue to work in unity and collaborate towards the continual development of the African Canadian and Canadian community to achieve solid or sound economic development and sustainability.

Economic & Sustainability Initiative

The Economic and Sustainability Committee shall focus primarily on business networking and building successful businesses in the import, export, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade sectors.