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Most frequent questions and answers

NPA Canada is a policy organization that is solely focused to promote and facilitate unity and collaboration among African Canadian and Canadian organizations, public officials, community leaders and stakeholders, public servants, and the citizens they serve nationally and internationally, resolving policies, problems, and priorities of importance to African Canadians and Canadians across Canada.

Assists the African Canadian and Canadian communities to further develop the lives of individuals and families for the betterment of the Canadian community and its economy at large.

1. Provides mentorship and support services for young, individuals, fathers and families.
2. Provides business development support services, programmes, job and life skills training to help young individuals.
3. Develops software with machine learning capabilities for the operation and creation of various Canadian databases.
4. Promotes cooperation among African Canadian and Canadian organizations.

NPA Canada is a policy focused national organization that does not have individual members, it does not collect a membership fee from its participants, it invites organizations only to sit at our NPA Canada national roundtable to create meaningful dialogue to work in unity and collaboration, with an intention to improve the lives of individuals and families so they live a better qualify of life here in Canada.

NPA Canada serves and provides service to individuals, families, organizations and businesses, and it assists Canadian governments, public officials, community leaders, stakeholders, public servants, and the citizens that they serve nationally and internationally to resolve policies, issues, problems, and priorities of importance to African Canadians and Canadians in Canada.

NPA Canada shall focus on assisting to deliver leadership, programmes and resolves that shall provide real opportunities to assist aspiring entrepreneurs to further develop effective businesses and jobs at the import, export, manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, and retail levels that shall assist individuals and families to increase their disposable income, while informing the aforementioned about that very sensitive relationship that exists between effective financial planning and tax planning in order to keep more of their money in their pockets.

– Liberal access to work and be trained by industry mentors, professionals, small businesses, and public officials.
– Access to organizational resources, business resources, community support, and government resources.
Because we are a African Canadian organization that has already formulate global, continental and western world relationship with global organizations that would also like to work with other like minded African Canadian and Canadian organizations, however, their interest is to do so in an organized, systematic and effective manner. For those individuals, families, groups and organizations that would like to work together in unity and collaboration to improve our quality of life then accepting an invitation to have your leading organization sit at our NPA Canada roundtable would be the correct step to take because NPA Canada already has the global platform to do so.
Kindly fill out the attached volunteer application and submit it directly to NPA Canada. You will be contacted accordingly!
NPA Canada does not have individual members within its organization, NPA Canada invites organizations to sit at its national roundtable and it accepts volunteers to sit as participates at its 5 PEACE Initiative Committees to delivery various programs and projects to its recipients in the African Canadian and Canadian community. There are no membership fees to pay, however, NPA Canada accepts donations that are utilized to pay for the contract services needed from Professionals who shall deliver the aforementioned to the community.
Yes. your NPA Canada donation is tax deductible under the provisions of the Income Tax Act for individuals, families, businesses and organization, etc. when your donation is presented directly to NPA Canada.