What is The Policy Initiative?

The Policy Committee shall identify, list and work on methods, solutions and resolves to policies that are of great importance to individuals and families in the African Canadian and Canadian community.

NPA Canada shall invite the leaders of the 15 to 17 leading African Canadian and Canadian organizations, community leaders and public officials that primarily focus on working on policy items and issues, (e.g. Domestic Policy issues, Healthcare issues, Education issues, Racism & Discrimination issues, Unemployment issues, Housing issues, Immigration issues, Citizenship and Deportation issues, Criminal issues, Correctional Service and Prison issues, Social and Benefit issues, National Daycare issues, Social Media and Media issues, Health and Media issues, Gun Control and Drug issues, etc.)

So we may collectively discuss methods, programs, solutions and resolves that shall create collective and effect positive change(s) that shall improve the lives of African Canadian and Canadian individuals and families across Canada.